After working with thousands of women and couples, I saw the need for a product that could provide sexual benefits for women…with a partner, and/or alone, to help increase a woman’s desire and sexual pleasure to enhance their sexual experiences, as well as their orgasms.  So, with the help of a brilliant chemist, and the feedback of many of my wonderful clients and friends, I developed Luv My Vulva™.

Luv My Vulva™ is designed to help women increase their sexual desire and pleasure. It contains oils and botanicals to moisturize, increase sexual arousal, and promote a healthier vulva…and a more vibrant relationship.

Massaging the *VULVA stimulates blood flow and activates sexual energy. Luv My Vulva is designed for sensual massage to enhance sexual pleasure alone or with a partner. It is a massage cream and an all-natural moisturizer, rich with natural oils with just the right amount of stimulants to invigorate the senses.

Luv My Vulva™ is for external use, and is not a lubricant. Luv My Vulva™ is vegan and cruelty free. Made with all natural ingredients, and contains no parabens.

*VULVA: The external part of the female genitalia, which includes the outer and inner lips & the clitoris.

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